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PIANO instructor

"The most important tool as a teacher is love and patience,"

From a young age Marina dreamed of playing the piano but back then you had to buy a real piano and her parents were unable to afford it. Eventually, her local music school in Russia convinced them and her career began. Not only did she complete intensive music and public school by 17 but went on to earn a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Teaching and Accompaniment with professor of Novosibirsk’s Conservatory Michael Karpychev. She then received a Master of Art in Music Teaching at the Novosibirsk’s State Pedagogical University under Professor Victor Kovalenko in 2003. After immigrating to Canada in 2007, she continued her career at music schools in Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver as a piano teacher, accompanist, and music teacher. Accompanying the youngest musicians to professional opera vocalists at concerts and shows. Her extensive experiences in multiple countries and cultures has allowed her to combine different effective methodologies to create interesting and unique lessons. She believes that her most important tool as a teacher is love and patience for her students as it creates an environment of success where

they can reach their greater goals.



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