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"I draw inspiration from different genres and love re-working classical scores to new sounds and rhythms,"

Caroline has a diverse musical background with training in classical voice, solo performance,
guitar, and West African music. She began her music career with harp and songwriting at age 4 and
never stopped! Caroline has studied and performed with groups such as the San Francisco Girls
Chorus, San Francisco Opera, UBC African Music and Dance Ensemble, and The Afrolution. She
spent time in Ghana studying Ewe music and dance and learning how to incorporate West
African music into Orff lessons. She has a BA from The University of British Columbia in
Anthropology and African Studies and has completed a course with The San Francisco
International Orff Course. Caroline is currently focusing on songwriting and producing and is
constantly adding new skills to her repertoire. She draws inspiration from different genres and loves
re-working classical scores to new sounds and rhythms. She currently sings with Jubilate
Vocal Ensemble and performsoriginal songs throughout Lower Mainland.



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